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The hardest part about putting this website and blog together – writing about myself.  

I love to write about others, their stories told through my blog or their resumes.  

I never found myself that interesting, and what I discovered is that part of gaining trust from others is to be more open about myself.  Not that I have anything to hide. It’s just that I am not my favorite topic. 

How I handle the “big reveal” when I’m in front of a brand new class, working with people I’ve never met, who are entrusting me with their careers and lives is asking them,

I always ask them, “What do you need to know about me to prove I am worthy of standing in front of this room for two days and guiding you through this career transition?”  

Their usual response – silence!  

Then I give them some facts:

  • I am a Recovering Executive – that always gets a laugh (and I like getting laughs!). I can teach you how to speak the language of executives, which is action and result. I’ve been there so I can teach you how to get noticed and get their attention!
  • I am a question asker and have interviewed over 10,000 people, which is probably a low number, in my 27-year career in Human Resources. 
  • I am a coach for those who are smart, successful and now find themselves stuck and struggling in their career. To date, I have coached over 2,000 people through a career transition process.  The vast majority to those who’ve been unemployed for six months to up to 17 years! If I can get them back to work, I can help you as well. 
  • I am a collaborator. That’s my work style.  It’s proven successful when I was collaborating and transforming a workplace that no one wanted to work at, to one that no one wanted to leave, to working with individuals on developing an awesome, authentic and action-oriented resume. 
  • I am a cheerleader, encourager, and motivator – I believe in you even when you don’t. I have an insatiable passion for seeing others succeed. From teaching my cousins how to swim to cheering on my grammar school basketball team, to cheering each one of my clients and staff to reach new heights in their career. Several clients tell me they feel I’m their guardian angel, sitting on their shoulder during an interview and whispering in their ear, “Tell them your stories, let them know how great you are and all that you achieved.” 
  • I am a truth teller and will tell you what you need to hear to get you unstuck, not what you want to hear that’s kept you right where you don’t want to be.  
  • I am a career re-igniter –  lighting the flame of success that has been snuffed out. 

I am also: 

Greeting from NJA Jersey Girl my whole life – without the big hair and bigger attitude.  

What I do have is a BIG family.  I’m one of six, and my husband is one of ten.  Our immediate family is now over 120 and growing with each new baby and marriage. 

Married for 40 years, to the same man – my wonderful husbaIMG_0015nd, Joe. He is the father of all my children, Jessica, Tyson, and Geoff. Though we’ve had our fair share of struggles, each struggle has brought us closer as a couple and strengthened our desire to stick together until the end.

My two handsome, smart, and kind sons have chosen wisely and have blessed me with two amazing, thoughtful, talented and beautiful daughters-in-law Suzette and Thera.

My dear daughter Jessica passed away suddenly at 22 years old. She continues to look over me, inspire me and gives me a comJesspelling reason to finish well. Hopefully, she will be greeting me at the pearly gates with “Great job Ma – I’m so proud of you.” 

And then the blessings of blessings are my two granddaughters Isabella and Sofia, who have taught me so much about gifts, talents, strengths, communication styles and goals.  They’re my greatest teachers. Teaching me about life, about how uniquely we’re all created and how challenging it’s to hold onto that truth.  

They’re my inspiration, and I’m in awe of their openness. Each time I look into my granddaughters’ precious eyes, I can see their God-given gifts, talents, personalities and strengths emerge right before my eyes.  

Areas of my life I’ve struggled with: 

  • Keeping God first in my life
  • Forgetting my faith, my family and how to have fun in pursuit of worldly success 
  • My career, lots of ups and downs and consistently wondering what to do when I grow up! 
  • Looking for more in all the wrong places
  • Hungering, thirsting, and desiring for more praise, more money, more recognition, more attention and finding satisfaction in none of them.  
  • Thinking I was less, not good enough, not worthy enough to do or be more. And placing limits on what I could do because of fear of failure, and success. 
  • Believing and living an “if only I had more mentality”- more talent, more experience, more education, more expertise, more intelligence, more courage, more charisma, more you name it, I probably wanted it!
  • Finishing!  I’m a starter and an idea generator
  • Losing a child
  • Marital strife
  • Financial challenges

That is why I can write this blog and speak from a place of truth because I’ve been there, done that and all of my experiences are lessons.  They are my greatest lessons, and I am grateful, that through God’s grace, all were used, and not wasted, so that I can serve those I’ve been called to serve.  

How did I get here?

When I finally got to the place I wanted more than anything, what I had worked my entire career to achieve – the Executive Vice President level, I kept singing in my head the Peggy Lee song, “Is That All There Is?”. How disappointing to discover, that when I got there, I was still dissatisfied and wanted more  

What did I do?

I took a flying leap from my position as Exec­u­tive Vice Pres­i­dent of Strate­gic Align­ment (sounds fanSlide4cy – doesn’t it!) for a finan­cial ser­vices organization.  

The cra­zi­est part about this story is that I made this leap with­out a plan, without a pur­pose, and without another position.  And boy what an adventure is has been.  Lot’s of twists and turns, false starts, and quick stops.  


After leaving my Executive position, and as part of a healing process, I went on a quest to discover who Diane was, what I’m on this planet to accomplish, and why I was so stressed, so overwhelmed and so dissatisfied with my career. I’ve been using my career journey, all of its challenges, struggles, and stuckness (I make up words) to help others with theirs through coaching and teaching. 

Now, rather than Diane Belz – Executive Vice President, I prefer and am very satisfied, to be a: 

  • Career Re-Igniter 
  • Perception Changer
  • Mind Opener
  • Grand Inquisitor
  • Encourager
  • Hope Provider
  • Teacher
  • Mentor
  • Coach
  • Or just – Diane 

Please don’t think I’m dismissing my Executive career. I’m very proud of what I accomplished, the people that I had the honor to work with and the opportunity to use my gifts and talents. I’m so blessed by all the lessons that I’ve learned, both in my journey up and my trip down the Corporate ladder because I wouldn’t be here to help you without each and every one of them.  

The Executive part that still lives within me still loves seeing success and transformation. What has changed is now how I measure success and that is by careers re-ignited, confidence restored, and my clients “owning” their careers. The best part, I get to see lives transformed (sometimes right before my eyes).

That, for me, is a soul-satisfying success! 

Message Stones

What else do you need to know about me? 

For someone who told you, at the beginning of this page, that I don’t like to talk about myself or how to get started, I couldn’t stop. That’s because I wanted to share with you so that you will know my heart, my soul, my successes and my failures.  And hopefully see yourself somewhere within my story. 

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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