Is Your Career Crushing You!

5 Steps to Crush it!

My new client Shelley loved her job, loved it!  And she crushed it!  The results she shared with me are fabulous, her energy infectious, and the relationships with her clients – life changing.  The challenge Shelley is facing – finding another role that will ensure she does what she loves every day.  Even though she loved her job, Shelley’s company did a re-org and took this free spirit and chained her to a desk.  A year after having her wings clipped Shelley flew out the door desperate to reclaim her freedom. 

Shelley lost the career that she loved, and her company lost an employee that one year prior Executives gave her this compliment about her performance.  “We wish we could clone you!”  

Shelley chose the uncertainty of finding a new job, in a less than ideal job market, to the chains of doing work that she didn’t love to do.  What Shelley did was “Crush Her Career” rather than allowing it to crush her. 

Five steps Shelley has taken to crush her career: 

  1. Knowing her strengths of relationship building, setting goals and performing (her description of sales presentations) to inspire, influence and change perceptions and committing to using all of them every day
  2. Clearly defining every aspect of her “ideal” job description  
  3. Say no to taking any job that clips her free spirit wings 
  4. Committing to doing only work that she loves 
  5. Trusting that her strengths are stronger than any job market 

Shelley has a distinct advantage; she knows what loving her job feels like, and will not settle for anything less than love.  

If you are not in love with your job, if you dread going to work every day, if you come home exhaust, cranky and frustrated, it might be time to start “Crushing Your Career”, before your career crushes your heart, your soul, body, and mind.  

What aspect of your career is crushing you? 

Pay Inequality – The True Winners and Losers

There is a contentious debate surrounding both raising the minimum wage and gender pay inequality. Too often I believe these debates are waged with good intentions yet bad motives – politics. And from my perspective political motives can create Winners and Losers.

My goal – everyone wins and we are all being paid what we are worth! 

Let me share an example of true pay inequality:

Amy and Sally are two co-workers hired to do the same job. Each makes $15 per hour. Ambitious Amy can process 50 files, the minimum requirement per day, in 6 hours. Since she is scheduled for an 8 hours day her supervisor gives her additional work. For the extra two hours, she has now processed 67 files. At $15 per hour, Amy is paid $1.79 per file.

Her co-worker slow Sally produces 40 files in 8 hours. Since the minimum requirement for the day is 50 files, Sally is required to work overtime. Sally works an additional 2 hours and is paid time and a half pay. At $15 per hour for the first 40 files, and $22.50 for the remaining 10 files the cost to complete the required work for Sally that day is $165 or $3.30 per file.

  • Amy is making $31,200 a year and produces 16,750 units per year, considering a two-week vacation.
  • Sally earns $41,250 per year producing 12,500 units, considering the same two-week vacation. 
  • Sally earns $10,000 more per year to produce 4,250 fewer units.

Who are the winner and loser in this story?

Sally is rewarded for her slowness.  Is she the winner?

While Amy is paid less for more results. Is she the loser?

Is the company winning by having this type of pay disparity? 

Why Does This Matter? Everyone loses!

This is what real pay disparity looks like in most organizations. I’ve seen it up close since this is a real example.  Amy, my niece, who was hired as a summer intern for a company I worked at, blew the door off of every other long-term, full-time employee in the department.  She was out performing in a matter of days! 

This type of pay inequality is pervasive and burns out the best performers. 

Those not working in their gifted, talented and strengths zones can receive more pay due to the length of service or experience, yet are less satisfied. Years of working outside their strengths zones leave these employees weak, struggling and hating the work that they do.  What a tremendous loss! 

Who do you think wins?

My vote – Amy!  Since she was doing the work that she was, and still is, gifted and talented in – processing and getting things done, within the deadline. by saying yes to her strengths her career continues to be successful. 

In this situation, both Sally and the organization lose.  The cost can be far greater to allow this pay disparity to continue then helping Sally to discover, develop and, on a daily basis, use her strengths. 

When all employees are using their strengths every day, everyone wins.  The Company by increased productivity, engagement and quality. The employees by being energized, involved and using their God-given gifts and talents and empowered at work. 

How do we solve this problem?

Let’s change the conversation by: 

  • Ensuring that all individuals can become successful, productive and powerful through strength-based education, job selection and promotions. 
  • Focusing our attention on raising workers strengths to their highest level, not of fixing their weaknesses. 
  • Eliminating divisive talk that creates winners and losers.  
  • Encouraging career ownership – where employees are creating value for themselves, their clients and employers. 

What are your thoughts?

Have You Lost that Lovin’ Feeling?

Re-Ignite Your Career and Fall Back in Love

If you had 89,440 hours to spend in your lifetime, would you rather be spending it doing something you love, like, or hate to do?

My hope is that you said love.  

Did she have to ask such an obvious question? 


It’s really not that obvious and the proof is in the numbers, it always is, and the numbers I’m using is Gallup’s poll numbers regarding engagement, “good jobs”, and the real unemployment numbers. If you love your work, or at least engaged, and have a good job, you are in the minority!  Screenshot 2016-02-22 19.52.08

This information is updated everyday Gallup Daily!  How depressing, how degrading and how I so want to help those: 

  • Who want to love the work that they do
  • Who have lost that lovin’ feeling
  • Who have not yet found work that they love
  • Who like, but want to love, their career

How can I help?

Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, an optimist, or someone who has been all of the above, at one time or another in my career.  I’ve been there, and found my way back to that lovin’ feeling for my work by uncovering, discovering and developing a path forward to work that I now love to do. And like any good discoverer I want to share what worked for me – with you!  

If you are ready for a re-ignited, re-energized, re-vitalized relationship with work, I’ve got a little somethin’, somethin’ for you.  

What that somethin’ is:

  • 12 blogs on discovering a loving RELATIONSHIP with your work
  • Daily worksheets to guide you back to that lovin’ feeling
  • Private Facebook Group – coming soon! 
  • Abundant Encouragement
  • Surprises!!! 

Cost: Nothing, but your time.  

This is my love offering to you. My gift so that you can find that lovin’ feeling and keep feeling it everyday forever and always!  

Sign up below! 


Five Lessons from Joy

Did you see them as well?

Did you see the movie Joy?

What a cast, what a story, what life lessons!

I found five.

1). Our dreams are put there for our good and God’s glory.

Do you remember dreaming about your future self as a child? That dream you dreamed about and then left it in your childhood because you believed, or someone taught you to believe, it was a childish dream?

Do you dare to remember?

Not to cause regret, but to reignite that dream. To bring that dream back into the light. To use that dream, that memory, of what could be, so that you once again can believe that all things are possible.

What was your childhood dream?

2). Low points are often turning points.

The turning point in Joy’s life was a low point; an I can’t take this anymore point.

Which is the same place most of us must reach, including me, before we can turn our lives around. A point when nothing in our life resembles our dream. A place where we have no where to go and then we remember and believe once again in our dream.

At the turning point we give our adult self permission to dream again, use that beautiful God given dream and believe again.

Low points are turning points for our lives. We can either move forward in faith, or run back to the barrens that we prayed to be released from.

What was your turning point? What turned around in your life at this point?

3). Our God given gifts are our best gifts!

Sounds so obvious, but our gifts are rarely obvious to us. We value others’ gifts. What I call gift envy, since we can’t see the value of our own precious gifts.

I always wanted the gift of song! I still do.

For too long in my career I believed my most precious gift was termination – firing people!

Who wants that gift?

I didn’t, so I put it away vowing to never use it again.

After being sick and tired of being stuck, struggling for too long to find my path forward, did I finally take the time to reexamine my gift of termination. This time I did it less critically, with more compassion and curiosity. Only then did I discover why I did this not so pleasant task so well – my gifts!

I call this the “Chopped” approach to career planning. No pun intended, but it works for my termination gift!  I’ll show you how.

Take the 4 things that you are gifted at – and repackage what you are currently doing into something more palatable, more pleasing, more rewarding. We can add other ingredients to our taste, just like the Food Network show Chopped.

These were the gifts that allowed me to be the best terminator! Please I never liked it, except once, but I was always good at it.

  • Gifted in the ability to have difficult conversations. Gift of courage
  • Gifted in the ability to tell the truth tactfully and, sometimes not so tactfully. Gift of communication.
  • Gifted in the ability to use words so that others can see the truth, know the truth, and eventually believe the truth. Gift of influence.
  • Gifted in valuing people for who they are, not what they can do, or did. Gifts of respect and justice.

Do you see how you can repackage, repurpose, rename and definitely reignite your gifts? 

Our gifts are not limiting, they are limitless when we see their true value.

Do you know your gifts? Are you using them, abusing them or misusing them? Take another look, be curious and bring them into the light – we need them!

4). Challenges Ignite Our MAGIC POWER

We lament at lost dreams, low points, or covet others gifts. Yet when we put all of these situations, or ingredients together, add a challenge magic does happen! I’ve seen it in my career, those that I have coached, definitely while watching this movie and through the many other true rags to riches success stories that I love to discover.

Challenges are part of our MAGIC formula that creates a POWERful career! I love acronyms so here we go.


Produce Powerful Purposeful
Work with

A financial challenge, a societal challenge, a personal conflict/challenge is what so often propels us forward. Look back at your challenges and see how many have moved you forward.

What challenge have you been confronted with that demonstrates your MAGICal POWER?

5). Be Relentless

Do not become wearyIf the above criteria is there – don’t give up. Someone will try to stop you. For me that someone was usually me. It has taken me years to finally regularly blog. There are days when it is a challenge to get the posts done, to commit to at least one a week. But each time I remember my goal is to impact, help, and encourage just one person, and that will be enough – to keep me moving forward.

I am relentless looking for tips, techniques, and tools to help my students and clients. When I see their transformation, I realize how important hope is to their job search, I can’t give up. They are the fuel that ignites me.  

Do you know what your fuel is?

Road blocks will come your way, especially if you are doing something that is purposeful, meaningful, life changing. That is why I love watching the Shark Tank – MORE in action. The contestants are willing to put it all on the line – their lives, their livelihood, their reputation, taking risks because they believe. Who knows what any one of us could achieve if we just say NO to stopping.

Is there a dream, a challenge, that you left behind, that you gave up on that could be exactly the answer to everything that you desire in your life?

Pick it back up, dust it off, and move forward like your life, your legacy, depended on it – because it probably does.

There is one more lesson I saw in this movie. My friends didn’t, but maybe my eyes are focused to find that missing ingredient that has made all the difference in my life.

6). Joy is a Choice.

Everything comes together for Joy. Her dreams come true, she overcomes her challenges, she is using her Magic, yet all her problems were still there staring at her, daring her.

Joy did not find JOY! Her reality was still her reality.

Because joy is not a given, even when our dreams come true. Well it didn’t work that way for me! When I dreamt about being an Executive, flying around the country with a big paycheck and big suitcase! I had money but the one thing I wanted More of was JOY!

So I refocused my eyes to the place that joy springs eternal – Jesus.

Joy is a choice!

Joy is in the good and bad times.

Joy is in the grief and gratitude.

Joy is not a by-product of getting what we always dreamed.

Joy is a by-product of Jesus in our lives. 

Pursue Him as relentlessly as you pursue your dream, and joy, sweet joy will be your sweet reward, your eternal reward.

What are you pursuing relentlessly?
Is it bringing you JOY?

What Motivates You into Action?

Are you caught in a spin cycle?

Do you wait to feel motivated, or be inspired before moving into action?

I sure do!

For the last week I have felt a lack of Biblical inspiration, that then transpired into work inspiration. And if nothing else in my life, I crave – no thirst for inspiration. The spiritual dryness was impacting my writing, no writing no joy, no joy no inspiration, no inspiration no forward movement, not movement no money!

I was caught in a spin cycle of my own creating – going round and round and not getting anywhere.

And the crazy thing is that I know that for me doing is motivating, not the other way around – and hence the spin cycle analogy.

My washing machine is 30 years old and in appliance years, that’s about 90! Each time I hear the spin cycle start I cringe. Those poor clothes are being swung around unmercifully in an attempt to wring out every last drop of water. One cycle never does it, so the last, and more ferociously fast cycle, kicks into action. The whole house feels like it is shaking right along with it and I envision myself right in the center, spinning so fast that I beg to be released.

I HATE going in circles – even revolving doors make me revolt! But how many times do I have to be taught the lesson before I learn it!  

When I was learning to drive I avoided going in circles. Which in New Jersey meant I was going no where! Those dreaded traffic circles would make me dizzy. I can still see myself as a new, young, beautiful, blonde driver with my long hair blowing in the breeze being caught in the center of the Ellisburg Traffic circle. It was the first time into this frightening death spiral.

I got in! But could not get out.

It took me three brave circling rounds before I could exit – right back where I started!

Too many years later to count, and longer than the warranty on the washing machine – what have I learned? 

The physical spin cycles I avoid. Yet I place myself into emotional cycles each time I don’t follow my own success formula.  

Action leads to inspiration!  

I guess I have not learned much, or that I am never too old to learn! 

Today I said, “Diane don’t seek inspiration, be inspired. Just sit with the first Bible passage you read today and be inspired by it, act on it, let it penetrate every fiber of your being!”

Well not really that intense but it sounds good!

Another lesson I have a hard time learning!

Watch what you ask for, you just might get it, or get something that you didn’t want or know what to do with it once you got it.

I wanted to stick to my own plan and this was my first verse. 

Matthew 10:8 lepers

How do I put this verse into action?

I don’t feel called to the sick, the dead, the lepers? I am not good with these type problems, or people, or am I?

And then I thought (I do that a whole lot) how could I do this in modern times, in my own way?

And then the inspiration came! 

  • Heal those sick and tired of being stuck in career stagnation.
  • Raise their dead careers by bringing awareness to their gifts & celebrate their success stories.
  • Cleanse those from the modern day form of leprosy that I can heal – under or unemployment.
  • Drive out demons, or well intended friends, family or experts who make my peeps, or people, feel, think, and believe that they are not good enough.

Now the hard part – “Freely you have received; freely give.”

Did Jesus really mean give my services for free, or to give my “gifts” freely and abundantly?

I am going with the second part!

Amazing what a shift in my mindset did, and I remembered what really motivates me – ACTION! And boy what a difference it made in my joy level, my creativity, my productivity and my day! 

  • By deciding to be motivated, I was motivated
  • By deciding to put action first, I got things done, which motivated me to do MORE!
  • When I do what motivates me, I have energy to even do things I don’t want to do – like maybe exercise today! 

The results: 

  • Blog post completed by 8:00am!  
  • New training program handouts done! 
  • Making doctors appointment for my sick husband – bronchitis the diagnosis! 
  • Energy left over to complete the rest of my to do list and work into the night! 

What spin cycle are you stuck in?

Are you struggling to find inspiration to move forward in your life, or career?

Stay tuned!

I’m called to help you! And that help might be in the form of a challenge!

Anyone interested in signing up?

Why Me?

My Mission is Impossible, So I Need Some Help!

At my core I AM a cheerleader. I AM a strength-finder, I AM a perspective opener. I AM a life changer, maybe even life saver! I AM MORE!

My mission is to inspire, motivate, and encourage those stuck and struggling in their career to be all that God created them to be! I wrote this mission statement over 10 years ago. I’ve tried not to do this, but I can’t stop myself.

Why I am so passionate and committed to my mission is that:

  • The most important document we will ever write, and the most important conversation we might ever have – is rarely, if ever, taught to us.
  • The most important discovery we could ever make, and the most priceless gem we could ever polish – no one is teaching us how, why or where to find.
  • The most important decision we will need to make that can either lead to a prosperous, enjoyable and fulfilled life, or imprisonment – no one is teaching us how to make.

I want to teach what is not being taught.

  • We are taught about things we will never use, instead of learning about our gifts, our passions, our purpose that we can’t stop using.
  • We are taught about places that we will never go to, and not about the most important journey we will ever take, our career path.
  • We are taught how to think – using someone else’s brain.
  • We are taught how to speak – using someone else’s voices.
  • We are taught how to write – using someone else’s words.
  • We are taught how to decide – using someone else’s reasoning.
  • We are taught the definition of success – using someone else’s ruler. 
  • We are taught we are not good enough – using their tainted standards. 

How I will do this:

Creating a YOU University – where you are learning about YOU!

Not you in a selfish, self absorbed way. 

You in a how to be successful and satisfied way.  

You in a way that teaches you about your gifts and how to give them to the world.

You in a way that will open doors that you once believed were closed.  

You in a way that will transform your life, and the lives of those that you touch – and MORE. 

My clients, those I help, are stuck and struggling, yet long for success and satisfaction in their career. I show them a path forward by discovering their unique gifts, their passions, their purpose, their process, their awesomeness. And then I teach them how to sell them in a resume and during an interview. 

I know them, and can help them, because I am them.

I was stuck in success as an Executive Vice President but not satisfied. I was living my father’s definition of success but not mine. A success that is balanced, joyful and content no matter how little, or much that I have. No matter how big, or small my audience. No matter how impressive, or insignificant my title.  

I was stuck and struggling trying to find my way back to me. The journey was long, and now I want to be the guide to others. Because I am now using my own voice, my own words, and my most valued intuition. Now I have freedom – sweet freedom, that I want to share with the world.

I am struggling financially, and can’t seem to get back to the income I need to support the people I want to support.  The clients who need me can’t afford me.  The clients who can afford me, don’t think they need me.  I can’t help my clients, if I can’t make a sustainable income.  I am virtually a non-profit – and need to show my clients that purposeful living, is also profitable.  

I am stuck in doing, rather than transcending.  Stuck in the now, because the future is overwhelming.  I need to move past working in small classes, and open the doors to the masses. 

The Challenges are many, yet I can’t stop.  

  • I can’t stop when there are released felons, now locked in an unemployment prison.
  • I can’t stop when there are battered woman who are now waging another battle, trying to survive without a sustainable income.
  • I can’t stop when there are whistle-blowers who have run out of steam.
  • I can’t stop when there are single moms and dad, who are not looking for a hand out, but a way out.  
  • I can’t stop where there is untapped human resources, when the world needs their solutions. 

They need me, I give them hope.  I need them, they give me purpose.  I want to do the unforgettable, and maybe be unforgettable as well, to those who are feeling forgotten. 

By teaching, writing, and inspiring through my own story, and the stories of my students, I am looking to break the cycle of striving for someone else’s definition of success. And inspire them to instead search for peace, joy and contentment that they own, and can hone, by using their amazing gifts.

I want to give back to as many people as possible their life and livelihood. Since I spent so much of my Executive life taking it all away.

Albert Einstein said it quite creatively and clearly: The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

I want to give them back their gift, and MORE. All of them!

And teach them how to never let anyone, ever take it away from them again. Amen!

How to Stand Out from the Crowd – Champion a Challenge

Passion, Purpose, Processes, Production, People – what gets you out of bed and excited to work?

Challenges to Champion, Causes to Conquer!

Two Champions stood out to me – Wendy and Jeannette.  Two women stuck in a career crossroad – unemployment!

One was not owning her gifts and talents, the other had a resume that diminished her capabilities. Both in need of having their careers re-ignited. 

For most of Wendy’s career she was performing administrative assistant work; answering phones, scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements. She was satisfied doing these tasks until she landed a position at a major medical insurer that showed her more was out there. After sitting idly for 3 weeks, she informed her manager – “I need work!”

Her manager gave Wendy work, but didn’t realize that she was also giving Wendy a gift. 

What was the gift?

A project that had been sitting in a pile on the manager’s desk for months, or years, that seemed impossible to begin, let alone complete. So it sat there gathering dust. 

The manager’s dust pile gave Wendy an opportunity to really test her skills, and in the process Wendy discovered her amazing gift – Data Analysis.

Data Analysis isn’t a challenge I chose to champion – it exhausts me.  So I’m always grateful when someone can take a room full of data and cull it down into manageable and actionable information.

Wendy stood up in front of the room to share her success story. As she revealed to the class how she took on the project and did something she had never done before. She explained the impact of her analysis, how the executives were making better decisions, and service was improving for a major client base.  

From an executive standpoint I knew Wendy had the right stuff, but I needed to challenge her so she could see it; so she could believe it!

Okay – I asked Wendy, “Now show me the money.  Give me tangible results that will make all of us, as business owners, sit up and listen.”  Literally I had to pull this information from her, or as one client likes to call me, “The Great Inquisitor” with a softer touch.  

This is what Wendy helped to accomplish through her analysis:

  • Reduced administrative costs 75% by automating a multi-tier approval process for high dollar claims.
  • Reduced processor errors by 20% and increased financial accuracy by 25%.

Wendy then voiced her concern. “I have no credentials!  Who would want to hire me?” 


In this world we’ve been taught that credentials come from degrees and certifications, not experience or innate gifts. Take a test, you’re an expert! Work your butt off, deliver results, make an impact, have Senior Managers hungry for more analysis, that no one has taught you how to do, and that’s not good enough!


Weren’t her results the only proof she needed!  Apparently not – because Wendy didn’t believe these three truths:

  1. She had the right to call herself a Data Analyst.
  2. She could be hired as something other than an Administrative Assistant.
  3. That her results were good enough!

The first day of the class Wendy was resistant to claim her power. She told me that just thinking about calling herself a Data Analyst was giving her a headache.

What a difference a good night sleep, some thoughtful introspection, and the power of someone believing in you!

The second day she came back headache free and declared to the class – I AM a Data Analyst.  The class gave her a round of applause!  

Jeannette had a similar story. When she walked to the front of the room I could see her confidence ignite as she spoke about working night shift at a packaging plant. It sounded like a reverse Norma Rae story. The workers didn’t want to work, production was so slow that even the conveyer belt was falling asleep, morale was low, accidents high.

What did she do?

Did she just take her place in the assembly line and do nothing?

Heck no!  

Jeannette found a challenge that she felt called to champion.

Courageously, she took the initiative to show this family run business how it was being run into the ground. She offered suggestions and began facilitating training on the night shift.

The assembly line production went from the slow days of 10% of capacity to 85%! Jeannette had 1,000,000 hours without an accident.

Her story showed that when one person with passion, one person willing to take on the challenge, have the courage to step up and become the champion of change – MAGIC happens. 

The only problem – the Jeannette in the front of the room did not match the Jeannette on her resume. 

None of what she spoke about was on her resume, and it needed to be there!  If Jeannette could not clearly communicate what she could do, she would be relegated back to the production line, and not running it.

Jeannette was a change agent, a trainer, an inspirer, a leader and a veteran!  Now she just had to say it, show it on her resume and champion the biggest challenge in front of her – her career. 

Careers Re-Ignited

Two days after the class Jeannette was back to work – hired on the spot! Wendy can now say I AM a Business Analyst!

Both women were willing to step out, proclaim their MAGICal POWERs and declare I AM ________ . By doing so their careers have been re-ignited!

My guess is that they are standing out, leaning in, and continuing to champion the challenges they are called to conquer! 

That is the power of working with a me, a career re-ignitor. Someone who is willing to fan that spark within you, rekindle that passion, and help you to see the amazing power that you have diminished, or others have snuffed out.  

What part of your career needs to be re-ignited?

What Do You Want MORE of?

And how much will it take to satisfy?

At each stage of my life, wherever I was, what ever I was doing I felt this din of satisfaction.  Always wanting more, and more was never enough.

When I was a stay-at-home mom for 13 years I wanted:

  • more time to myself
  • more quiet
  • more engaging conversations
  • more adult conversations
  • more peace, less confusion
  • more cleanliness

When I went into the workforce I wanted:

  • more time with my family
  • more money
  • more engaging work to do
  • more respect
  • more being valued
  • more promotions

When I left my corporate job and started coaching and teaching once again, I wanted – more

  • more clients
  • more clarity of purpose
  • more meaningful work
  • more engagement and connections with like-minded people
  • more followers
  • more likes
  • more money

When I started to write whether the book I co-authored with my sister, “Christmas Cures Everything” or my blogs or even resumes I wrote for clients, I wanted:

  • more people reading
  • more people viewing
  • more people responding
  • more people liking what I wrote
  • more accolades
  • more connections
  • more meaningful writing so more people would be reading.

Now on my path toward finding the MORE I’ve always longed for, My Outstanding Reason for Existing, I have finally found the more that I’ve always been longing for!

  • More peace
  • More joy
  • More contentment
  • More of myself
  • More opening of my heart, my mind and my soul
  • More willingness to explore outside my comfort zone
  • More gratitude
  • More delight
  • More love

As I write I feel like one of the characters in “The Wizard of Oz”!  The MORE I wanted was inside of me all the time. I just needed to believe it, and live it.  

I AM no longer hungry for earthly treasures.  Instead I want to plant seeds; seeds of hope, seeds of inspiration, seeds of truth and seeds of gratitude.  Seeds that will open the hearts, minds and souls of others.  

The MORE I live my MORE, I want that same MORE for others.

When I am living my more, I want less, I expect less, yet I try more.

My more approach to life has been life giving, and what MORE could I ask for?

What MORE do you want?

Four Gifts to Give the Unemployed

I have the perfect gift recommendation - hope!

It’s that time of year! That time to reach out and give gifts. To extend a hand of help to those less unfortunate. To give them a perfect gift.  The gift that is on the top of my students and clients list – the gift of hope.

When I am teaching about careers, interviewing and resume writing I have classes full of people who are stuck, struggling and feeling hopeless. They come into my classroom with low expectations, often times they feel this program is their last chance. They have given up hope, during this season of hope, the worst way to feel this holiday season.

Though they are unemployed, they are not unworthy of a chance, and opportunity.

Disappointment, displacement, and rejection can lead to disillusionment. Asking for help can feel like that final blow, it’s admitting that it’s over; I’m out of options. When help could be exactly what they need. Resistance is strong, the world feels cold and uncaring. Darkness sets in and they believe there is no way out.

I need your help!

I’ve done my part. Now I am asking you to give someone who has been unemployed long term the gift of getting back into the work force.

These are some gift suggestions.

1). Give Them a Chance
Few want to be unemployed, very few. Give the amazing, absolutely amazing people who need a chance. Maybe it is a second, third or fourth chance – please just give them a chance. You might be the rope that helps to pull them out of despair.

Not until I sat on this side did I realize how much I have incorrectly judged the validity of their situation. And then I remember the Manager who gave me a chance after being a stay at home mom. She changed my life by giving me a chance.

What a great gift believing in someone can be.

2). Open Your Heart to Their Choices
So many of my students are heroes, not has beens. Bouts with cancer, taking care of critically ill parents, spouses, children. Dealing with going from career to caregiver, by choice, because they were called to care. Can you open your heart to their story?

I’ve heard their stories how they step out of their job. They put their life, their career on hold with the hope that their loved one would get well. With that hope dashed, now they hope for a chance to get that part of their life back that they can, the part that they gave for another – their career.

Can you please give them a gift by recognizing the choices for what they are, a gift to those they’ve helped.

3). Ask Them About Their Stories
They have great ones. But their stuck, they can’t always see the relevance between their stories and your job.

They don’t always believe they have success stories. They can’t always remember times where they overcame obstacles, championed change, delivered results, went above and beyond to serve a customer. One student today said she didn’t have any stories. Once we uncorked the first, the other stories started to bubble up like champagne, overflowing, as were her giggles of rememberance.

Please be curious about their stories. They diminish their skills, because they have been diminished. When you aren’t sure why you haven’t been fired, laid off and now not hired, your hesitant to try again.

Give them a gift by helping them regain their confidence.

4). Give Them the Gift of Feedback
They have done everything that they have been asked to do – it’s not working, and they don’t know why. When they have no idea why you don’t want to hire them, they have no idea what they should do next. Increasing their struggle, and deeper they sink, deeper into the pit of unemployment.

In their nervousness they didn’t nail that critical question. Give them a gift by telling them what they can do better next time. Offer a suggestion, or ask them to expound on a point that was interesting. They’re ready to hear what you have to say, desperate to know what they can improve, just tell them.

Give them the gift of feedback, it might be the key that frees them from their struggle.

Wrap the gift into one big package called HOPE!

Open your heart this season of generosity, by reaching out to those in need – the unemployed and giving them a chance, honor their choices, listen to their stories, and provide them feedback.

Please give someone a gift, that they will give right back to you, packaged in – loyalty, commitment and dedication. Please give them the gift of a new year with a new career.

Imagine – If You Can!

A tribute to imagining, not Lennon - well maybe a little!

Imagine a world where everyone is doing what they are gifted to do. Where everyone is engaged and living their MORE life (shameless plug).

Imagine everyone is earning what they should, because we know when we are doing work that we love, that we are passionate about and that people need, we earn exactly what we need.

When our heart and soul are filled by using these precious gifts bestowed on us to make this world wonderful, we are not longing for more, because we are living it each and every day!

Being under and unemployed is awful. And most of us are, we just don’t know it – yet.

When we are not doing what we were put in this world to do – we are underemployed. It doesn’t matter what your pay, promotion or perks try to tell you.  It’s a lie – you’re still underemployed.

And the numbers speak for themselves!  And the word that is used is engagement!

Interesting that Gallup updates engagement on a daily basis. Most be important.  Today’s number 33.3% engaged.  Look around.  Do you see them – the disengaged?  Where are they?  What are they doing?  I’ll give you a few clues:

  • Nothing
  • A little something
  • Maybe some of this and some of that
  • Causing trouble
  • Reading this post

How are they feeling:

  • Bored
  • Bitter
  • Embattled
  • Bombastic
  • Belligerent
  • And a B word that rhymes with itchy!

Never brilliant, or helpful, or fun to work with, or be with, or live with, or be!

Boredom leads to anxiety, rage and anger. Just watch the news any time you want, which for some is every second of every day.

I’ve been there. I still go there. That’s why I want to help you get off the career merry-go-round and try something different.


So let’s imagine something different.  Also known as my wild idea about how to solve this problem and it starts with – stickies!

What would the world be like if rather than job descriptions we had sticky notes?

Stickie notes filled with ideas, concepts, problems to solve, results needed to be achieved or tasks waiting to be completed.

Stickie notes that you were able to pick out what you wanted to do, or learn to do, or try to achieve.

And then you were allowed to do it, figure it out, and explore all the possibilities – the way you imagined it would be.


A mentor, teacher or leader would be there to help you when you get stuck by providing insight, or asking questions to open your mind and perspective. Questions, not answers, that would help you figure it out. Questions that would never push you out of the way. Questions that would push you towards possibilities.  Questions that would help you to


A life were you could keep your sticky for a lifetime, a season, or a year.  A day is to short, for us to explore, to live and learn.  Returning to the stickies all over the wall when we need to re-engage, re-ignite, or re-energize our life and career. Choosing our next sticky assignment when we are ready.


What do you see?


What do I see? Engagement, excitement and educated employees.

How do I know?

Just go out to the playground and watch children play without adults getting in the way. Give them a bunch of blocks and see what they can


Engaging an entire population by tapping into their passions, their gifts, their strengths – their MORE.

You can see them, they are no longer hiding from work, but running towards work, running to claim their sticky, running to claim their MORE.

Can you see them filled with peace.  Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Just imagine what the world would be – so let’s start with you, and me.  Grab your sticky and decide what you want to be – living for today.

What do you imagine?