Happy Schnappy – Give Me MORE Joy!

And you don't have to wait in line!

It’s Christmas Carol time.  And I love them.  All of them, or most of them. Now being a grandmother that “Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer” is just evidence of the pure commercialization of Christmas and the destruction of truly wonderful things – like grandmothers.

The Little Drummer Boy is one of my favorites.  It makes me cry, for it proves the simplicity in which God asks us to give ourselves to Him. Giving to Him with praise and glory what He has already given to us – our talent to pa rum pum pum pum on that drum.

The perfect gift – isn’t that what this season is all about.  As a young parent I would seek to find the perfect Christmas present for my children, well the perfect present that did not bust our small budget or include standing in line for hours out in the cold winter night. I loved my children but not enough to stand in line with a maddening crowd to get that last Cabbage Patch doll.

Why did I not care enough to stand in line – history?

What they thought they wanted, and needed desperately to be happy, would be tossed aside for some cheap, easy to find and cost nothing to buy toy or game that they already had and forgot about it!

I’m the same way with the gifts God has given me. I think I want once again the big job, the fancy title, but I don’t really want or need that.

History tells me so. The pain in my neck and clench in my stomach also tells me. My soul speaks “don’t do it”!

Do you do that to? Want something because you believe it will give to you what is so elusive to you right now?

When I had money I wanted time and less stress.

Now I have time and less stress I want, no need, money. My “If Only” mentality that ensures I will never be happy.

Happy shnappy!

Happy is like chasing a butterfly or this crazy big, last fly of the season that is in my house right now. Guess you don’t get to that size unless you’ve learned a few tricks!

Happy is the fuel for marketers everywhere. If only you had —, which is always their product, you will be happy!

Liar, liar pants on fire.

Lean in real close because I have a secret, not “the secret”, but a pretty good one, only you can make yourself happy!

Yep there it is!

But who really wants happiness when joy is also available to you?

Happiness is a boxed cake or drug store candy bar. Joy is the bliss of a bakery cake with fresh, thick, buttercream frosting that melts in your mouth and makes your toes curl. Add some chocolate and your other favorite poison and you have 10 seconds of total sugar high, fat induced happiness.

Did I tell you I’ve been off sugar for 10 months and 19 days?

Happy, shnappy!

No marketer is selling you joy! They know they’d get there pants sued off for false advertising!

Happy can come and go like that stupid big fat fly that just flew in the room while I am thumb typing.

One place sells the concept of joy – the Bible!  Yep that big fat book which we forget has all the “secrets” about life, and love and joy.  Happy 30 times in the Bible, Joy/Rejoice 300 times.  I like those odds. Again the link will always be at the bottom of the page, so argue with them not me if you don’t like what I am about to say.

Joy is one of God’s promises, inexplicable joy! And even though no one has tried to sue Him yet, or I don’t think so, should I google that or just keep typing. Anyway God can’t lie and He won’t lie! He will never tell you that that ugly sweater that is made of really itchy nylon looks good on you. He invented the mirror – remember!

Joy is filled with giggles that erupt up for the simplest reason – I can type with my thumbs faster and better than with the other eight combined.

Happy, shnappy – I want MORE Joy!

Joy allows you to wonder, why that fly made it this far and not get up to smash and kill it!  Wonder how did it get so fat. Could it, I mean she, be pregnant? I guess she will be here until spring.

See how joy lets you run free! My guess that fat fly has some joy in her – a baby! I guess I will have to google that too because I have know idea, nor do I want to know how flies pro-create. I am too joyful to really care.

Joy lets life fly by you without being in a constant tailspin.

Car cuts you off – Thank You Jesus no one was killed.

Joy lets you put things into a proper perspective and fills you with gratitude.

Can’t pay your bills – I still have my health!

Which is good since one of the bills I can’t pay is the 2 million dollar health insurance bill with the 10 trillion dollar co-pay. Oops need to stop talking about that I’m back to happy.

Joy allows you to joke during funerals and to start to laugh right in the middle of crying for the one you lost that you really loved. Because joy in heaven makes this earthly joy look like a fly infested pile of dung.

Or at least I think it should.

I wish their was Google heaven. That all the angles and saints are typing into Heavenipedia! Did I spell that right? Telling you how wonderful it is and giving away all their heavenly secrets!

And my sweet daughter gets to be there, in heaven, and I would never ask or want her to come back to this house that is now infested with flies because her mother is nuts and will not kill the giant pregnant fly!

Joy is just so much more fun, or my preferred funner, than happy!

Happy shnappy – I think that was the name of my husband’s dentist when he was a kid, but spelled with a C.

Joy is something in you that you can turn back up, or on, if for whatever crazy reason you turned if off. Which you sometimes do because it annoys those grumpy people who are waiting in those long lines at the store trying to buy happiness for their friends and family.  Feeling down, go to what my beloved sister and I call it – “The Joy Channel”. The channel in your brain, the place in your heart, that space in your soul or that station on the radio that allows joy to flow right back in and take over those dark places.

How can that happen?  Joy is in you and through you.  No one, and I mean no one, can take it away!

Joy allows you to snort and laugh when you remember the crazy things your dearly departed husband did right in the middle of crying about how much you miss him. Just spend time with my beloved sister who lost her husband 3 months ago!

Joy is priceless and costs you not a dime! No waiting in line, no regrets, no calories – none of the bad stuff and all of the good stuff.

Joy is a way of life that swells your heart, eases your fears, and you can face this thing called life with gusto!

If joy is so awesome why isn’t everyone running to get it?  Who said that?

Did you just slam on your reading breaks? We were having fun and then screech need to make a left turn from laughter to reality.

I’m no expert in everyone, but I am an expert in me.

So from my stubborn perspective I wanted to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and to hell with rules, and rulers (not the one that helps you measure or try to draw a straight line with kind of ruler or the grammar geeks) the bosses of the world, or universe, kind of rulers. Especially the biggest boss of all, God, telling me what to do – the ruler of rules!

My way!  I want it my way!  MINE!!!!

Yep, just like my two year old granddaughter as she grabs to eat the hot pepper growing my my garden. Why do we have to learn these lessons the hard, and hot way?

Not, and trust me, not a day sooner, until the day when I crashed to the ground under the weight of my self imposed unhappiness in my costly quest for happiness did I look up. And in my desperation cried out a prayer to the Big Boss in the Sky (funny how non-believers like to call Him that) Who in a miraculous flash of love, grace and forgiveness saved a wretch like me. In a instant, HE left the joy in and took the anger, resentment, pain and regrets like a giant bad emotion sucker in the sky.

Joy shone so brightly through me that night that my son proclaimed, “The same woman who went up the stairs, is not the same woman who went up!”

And the rest is history or shestory of me saying yes to joy, to Jesus and no to the elusive fly of happiness. and doing my things my way, not HIS WAY!

Happy Schnappy!

I say instead Joy to the World, all of you, even the skeptical ones!