Have You Lost that Lovin’ Feeling?

Re-Ignite Your Career and Fall Back in Love

If you had 89,440 hours to spend in your lifetime, would you rather be spending it doing something you love, like, or hate to do?

My hope is that you said love.  

Did she have to ask such an obvious question? 


It’s really not that obvious and the proof is in the numbers, it always is, and the numbers I’m using is Gallup’s poll numbers regarding engagement, “good jobs”, and the real unemployment numbers. If you love your work, or at least engaged, and have a good job, you are in the minority!  Screenshot 2016-02-22 19.52.08

This information is updated everyday Gallup Daily!  How depressing, how degrading and how I so want to help those: 

  • Who want to love the work that they do
  • Who have lost that lovin’ feeling
  • Who have not yet found work that they love
  • Who like, but want to love, their career

How can I help?

Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, an optimist, or someone who has been all of the above, at one time or another in my career.  I’ve been there, and found my way back to that lovin’ feeling for my work by uncovering, discovering and developing a path forward to work that I now love to do. And like any good discoverer I want to share what worked for me – with you!  

If you are ready for a re-ignited, re-energized, re-vitalized relationship with work, I’ve got a little somethin’, somethin’ for you.  

What that somethin’ is:

  • 12 blogs on discovering a loving RELATIONSHIP with your work
  • Daily worksheets to guide you back to that lovin’ feeling
  • Private Facebook Group – coming soon! 
  • Abundant Encouragement
  • Surprises!!! 

Cost: Nothing, but your time.  

This is my love offering to you. My gift so that you can find that lovin’ feeling and keep feeling it everyday forever and always!  

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