What Did You Accomplish Today?

And Whose Rating Scale Are You Using?

Did you ever have one of those days where you felt like you accomplished nothing?

Congratulations – you deserve a break.

That’s what I had to tell myself today, and well too many days to count.

I am either a workaholic or a slug, and rarely anything in between.

When I haven’t accomplished anything tangible, I have to remind myself that I might have accomplished more doing nothing than anything else I would have attempted to do.

Whose standards am I measuring myself against anyway?

And if it is only me, maybe I need a new rating scale. One that is slug free, such a slimy, slithery word anyway.

Today I accomplished nothing. I spent time having a leisurely lunch with friends that I love to share my life with. Friends that know my struggles, and have prayed for me diligently. Friends that make me laugh, make me think and make me better.

Today I accomplished nothing. I went to dinner and a play with my sister and four of our seven granddaughters.

Eating dinner,  drinking in their differences. The serious, the silly, the studious and the starlet all shining brightly in who they are and who they will become. As a grandmother I get to watch God’s masterfulness in each one of their giftedness.

My mother would say she had six kids and they are all different, I wouldn’t want six of anyone of them. That is how I feel about these girls.  

Today I accomplished nothing. Rediscovering my mother’s truth through these four awesome girls, isn’t that work enough for one day!

Maybe I need to take a hint from each one of these girls and rename my days.

Today was silly – singing songs that I make up to entertain my granddaughter and irritate my great niece.

Today was also a serious day – listening to the pain in my son’s and sister’s voices as they courageously walk through heartbreaking losses.

Today I was studious as I attempted to problem solving why I could not log into my blog. Thankfully I figured out how to get in, but not what blocked me.

Today I am a starlet, starting to push myself out there through this blog challenge. Trying to be both light, and laughter, shining for those who need a glimmer of hope for a life that could be more than they dreamed possible.

Today was a day when I accomplished nothing that was really something!