What If?

What is iffing you today?

What If…

Can be such a hopeful phrase: what if there was peace on earth.

What if can also bring in an element of doubt or concern; what if this is cancer?

What ifs can stop us, start us, cause us to pause and ponder – what if?

Today my what ifs are:

* What if no one ever reads my blogs?

* What if what I believed I could achieve from writing never happened?

* What if my words offended?

* What if my stories are too long?

* What if I can’t find the missing comma?

* What if those I am called to teach are never reached?

* What if the world now knows that I am a fraud?

* What if the only one ever impacted by my writing was me?

What ifs … The lonely, worrisome world of a fake future never allows me to enjoy the what now of the present.

What if I stopped what iffing and just started doing?

Doing what excites and energizes me!

Doing what my heart and soul call me to do!

What if the only thing stopping me from living my MORE was – what if!

What if?